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Our vision is to be the global centre of credible data and knowledge associated with synthetic biology and the building blocks of bioconversion.

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The BioConversion Databank Foundation (BioDF) is a non-profit organization promoting the use of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help researchers in all industries and backgrounds efficiently identify, catalogue, and analyze biological samples, evaluate the opportunities for bioconversion, and optimize biological processes. 

We are focused on making micro-biological knowledge easier to access, more efficient to research, and easy to apply to any industry.

Bio-Conversion Process

Bio-Conversion converts organic materials into usable processes, products, materials or energy sources. This process can be used in applications such as health, sustainable agriculture, and greenhouse gas mitigation. In simple steps, this process includes:


Identifying a Target Application

Select a target application in which a bio-process can be applied or improved, such as water treatment or hospital disinfection. Then identify micro-organisms and/or families which might provide the necessary functionality.


Mapping Organisms

Assemble all the genetic and genomic data related to the organisms of interest, and identify and map the biological pieces responsible for the key desired biological processes. 


Designing Optimized Organisms

Build genetic models (GEMs) to simulate and evaluate various organisms and systems to find the optimal solutions. In this step, use model findings to design and optimize the functional requirements required using gene-editing and CRISPr.



Test the performance and life-robustness of the designer organism at a lab. Then use lab results to improve GEMs.


System Integration

Design end-to-end biological systems for a comprehensive end-use process, such as detection, diagnostics, treatment, and production. Scale up the process to create a commercially viable product or service.

What our databank does

A system of datasets and tools for synthetic biological engineering.

Our "Maximizer" platform uses a system of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other tools for data access, data cataloguing and curation, data analytics and collaboration to support microbiology, synthetic biology, and bio-industrial engineering. At BioDF, our priorities and capabilities will be user-driven, and most data access and use will be freely available to users. In simple terms, the Bio-Conversion Databank Foundation provides: 

  Building Blocks  




Develop "communities of interest" based on user input to search for, evaluate, understand, modify, promote and inspire users in health and industrial biotechnology applications.



BioDF partners and collaborates with sequencing labs, bio-foundries, research and technology organizations, academia and industry who own, operate or manage facilities complementary to the work of BioDF


Facilitate, fund and manage data access, databases, catalogues, knowledge-sharing platforms, research projects/programs and networking.

A centre of knowledge for identifying, evaluating and developing organisms and building blocks to support the development of bioconversion processes and industrial applications.


Publicize and promote the potential and benefits associated with bioconversion and biomimicry as a future source of public benefit, commercial opportunites, and economic development.


 A non-profit organization promoting and enabling the use of engineered genetics.



To search, identify, document, evaluate, understand and model the characteristics, genetics, physical and chemical functions and living environment influencing the development and evolution of bioorganisms associated with capturing, processing, transforming and utilizing matter.


Feature Inputs

DNA, codons, proteins, 3D structure and biological pathways are the defining characteristics of cells.


Cells perform countless chemical functions, each exquisitely optimized by nature for efficiency.

Organism Identification
Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10.54.06

Over billions of years, nature has created countless types of bacteria, from insignificant to extremophiles. 

Curated Catalogue

Organisms, Inputs and Functionality come together as an immense parts list to power synthetic biology.

People and Products
Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 3.45.28 PM.png

Ultimately, people work together to apply the tools of the BioConversion Databank Foundation to develop organisms and production processes and services in a wide range of applications.

Executive Team

Bio-Conversion is built upon a shared vision of business and technical leaders.

John McDougall@3x.png

John R. McDougall,

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John spent almost 20 years as President of the Alberta and National Research Councils after 30 years in private business. His background includes MNEs, SMEs, start-ups, fix-ups, academia and government. <more>

GeoffImage BW@3x.png

Geoffrey Shmigelsky,
AI Evangelist

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Geoffrey is an accomplished Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and several successful exits. He created CADVision Internet, is an associate founder of Singularity University, and holds a Masters in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence. <more>

Bill Smith@3x.png

William H. Smith, 
Foundation Secretary

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Bill Smith is a director, executive, investor and advisor with a focus on effective governance, corporate finance and strategy in very diverse domestic and international businesses including innovative approaches to reducing GHG impacts through capture/use strategies or emissions reduction through efficiency. <more>

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Quinn Goretzky,
VP Outreach

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Quinn Goretzky is an entrepreneur that brings over 20 years of experience in technology development, international business, finance, stakeholder engagement in a extensive career with the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Research  Council. <more>

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