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About BioDF

The Bio-Conversion Databank Foundation (BioDF) is a non-profit organization promoting the use of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help researchers in all industries and backgrounds efficiently identify, catalogue, and analyze biological samples, evaluate the opportunities for bioconversion, and optimize biological processes. 


Bioconversion is the transformation of organic materials into usable products, materials, or energy sources by biological processes or agents, such as plants or microbes. This process can be used in applications such as health, sustainable agriculture, and greenhouse gas mitigation. In simple steps, this process includes:

1. Identifying a target application

Select a target application in which bioconversion can be applied, such as in agriculture, wastewater treatment, waste disposal, etc. Then, identify microorganisms which might provide the necessary functionality for bioconversion.

2. Mapping organisms

Assemble all the genomic, genetic, and other data related to the organism of interest. Identify and map the biological pathways responsible for the desired bio-processes.

3. Designing organisms

Build a genome-scale metabolic models (GEM) to simulate and evaluate organism behavior to find optimal solutions to obtain the desired product. Apply synthetic biology and metabolic engineering to optimize organism functionality and production.

4. Validation

Test the performance and robustness of the engineered organism in the laboratory, then use experimental results to modify and further improve its GEM.

5. System integration

Design end-to-end biological systems for a comprehensive end-use process, such as detection, diagnostics, treatment, and production. Scale up the process to create a commercially viable product or service.


At BioDF, we are focused on making knowledge easier to access, more efficient to research, and easy to apply to any industry. We have created the Maximizer portal for such purpose. Our priorities and capabilities will be user-driven, and most data access and use will be freely available to users.


BioDF is a non-profit organization promoting and enabling the use of synthetic biology and genetic engineering to fuel bioconversion for the creation of new and useful byproducts.


To search, identify, document, evaluate, understand, and model the characteristics, genetics, physical and chemical functions, and environment influencing the development and evolution of organisms associated with capturing, processing, transforming, and utilizing matter. The BioDF core activities are:

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