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New Bio-Conversion Databank Reconfigures Mother Nature to Solve Global Problems

In the latest The Human Factor podcast, Bio-Conversion Databank Foundation (BioDF) President and CEO John McDougall talks about greenhouse gases (GHGs) being used as low-cost inputs to produce various important products through bioconversion.

Bioconversion of GHGs by organisms (microbes, for example) is widespread in nature. Synthetic biology and machine learning technologies have advanced significantly, and we can take advantage of these technologies to speed and scale up bioconversion processes in the laboratory. GHGs can then be used as feedstock for microbes to produce products like biofuels, biodegradable plastics, single-cell proteins for food, etc.

As discussed by John, BioDF plays an important role in these processes by developing the Maximizer portal as a central databank to access, analyze, and understand information on the genetics of organisms. The portal will allow users to create in silico models to accelerate the biological development process.

The BioDF Maximizer portal: a databank of information of biological organisms

To learn more about BioDF's work, you can listen to the full episode here.


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